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Recommendations & Information to Rebuild an Antique Engine

I've got an antique engine and it needs work...where do I start?

It might be more accurate to say “ where don't I start.”  Don't take an antique engine to a mechanic who has only worked with modern engines.  They are not the same thing and the process of working on them can be dramatically different.  One example: With a new engine it is common practice to throw away the bearing inserts, including the cam bearing inserts.  These parts are all easily replaced with new ones so that practice makes sense.

In an antique engine most parts are not easily replaceable.  Many times the best method is reconditioning an original part.  If that's not possible even a severely damaged part can have critical importance for accurate measurements in machining a replacement.  In a nutshell the work habits in a typical modern motor shop can end up with vital parts of your engine missing or destroyed.

So I bring the engine to Aldrich antique engine rebuilding, then what?

Please call first, because of the unique nature of these working “works of art” its important to discuss the project to start the planning process.

Mechanic from the 1920's.

Once we've agreed on a plan of action be prepared to store your vehicle for a while.  Every antique engine presents unique challenges (wear & tear, previous repair work, part availability).  These and other unpredictables make an exact calculation for when many jobs will be finished an inexact science, at best.

The Aldrich Guarantee: I will do everything possible to see your job is done right and as soon as is possible.

At Aldrich Engine Rebuilding our current focus is just engines so your engine will need to arrive out of the vehicle.  I am happy to advise or help (whatever is needed) with the removal and delivery process.

Once your engine is in the shop we'll take a closer look at it together, to get a better sense of what needs to be done.  When I'm satisfied I know what's going to be involved I'll prepare a quote for the job.  We'll discuss the quote, payment methods, schedule and the like.

Once we're both in agreement then the real work of reviving your engine begins.  If, during the course of the job, anything comes up that's unexpected or we didn't discuss I will contact you with thoughts and recommendations before work continues.