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Antique Engines Aldrich Engine Rebuilding Has Worked On

A passion for jobs other machinists won't touch!

In the world of antique engines there are all kinds of passions. Ford, Chevy, Hudson you name it.  My business name, Aldrich Engine Rebuilding says it all.  I have a passion for engines...period.  Know that when you contact me with your treasured project it will become my treasured project too.  These projects come from New England, Connecticut and further away.

Model T Ford Model A Ford
Model B Ford Fordson Tractor
V-8 Ford 85 and 60 hp 1948 Packard 288 ci. 8-cyl
1934 Buick Series 50 8cyl 1937 Hudson Terraplane 6-cyl
1938-39 Buick Series 40 8-cyl 1918 Clectrac Tractor
Various John Deere Tractors 1931 Huppmobile 8-cyl
1934 REO 6-cyl 1923 Buick 6cyl
Hercules 4-cyl. Marine Engine 144, 170, 260, 289, 289Hi Po, 302, 352, 390 Fords
1932 Chevrolet 6-cyl. up through Small Block V-8 1934 Lycoming 4 (for Dodge boat)
1905 I H 1 Lunger 1905 Maxwell 2 Cylinder
1963 Cadillac 390 1932 Lincoln V-8
1928 Buick Master 6 1948 1H Cub Tractor

Antique open carriage sedan