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How we Rebuild or Restore an Antique Auto, Truck or Tractor Engine

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Currently at Aldrich we concentrate on antique engines.  Our projects arrive from Connecticut, New England, New York, New Jersey and even further away:

  • Automotive, Light Industrial, Truck, Heavy Equipment (Bulldozers, etc.), Tractors, Marine and Motorcycle engines
  • Bulb Head, Over Head, Flat Head, “T” Head and “F” Head
  • The oldest engine worked on to date: 1905 Maxwell, Twin Cylinder, Bulb Head

Our workshop is 1700 square feet over two floors allowing us to do the work under one roof.  That's important because once your engine has been broken down and the more those individual parts travel the higher the likely hood of something becoming lost.  It is my personal policy to do as much work “in house” as possible and to “Send Out” only when necessary.